Self-made single-play PWADS for registered Doom 2 users

Do you like dancing? Well, go ahead in this Doom game.
There is a dance floor with 2 stages and a DJ, bars, toilets and everything.
Sorry, there's no new music in this Wad.
Read disco.txt. Download

Harbor 2
From the seaport, where UAC goods are delivered, you will find your way to an ancient castle, which is very realistic both from outside and from inside.
This Wad is a remake of an earlier version called Harbor. It is, I think, my best Wad so far.
Read harbor2.txt. Download

Visit the palace of the evil Baron, its dungeons and torture room. Then go on to a seaside cottage... If, of course, you can manage to get there.
For those that can find them, there are some helpful gifts in several secret rooms.
Read palace.txt. Download

The Stable
It takes a while, but once you get into the stable you may either join the beasts in their solid seclusion, or you may find your way out...
Watch out for the secret swimming pool though. It is not as friendly as it may seem at first.
Read stable.txt. Download

Your mission starts in some wet underworld. After that, be the guest in a lovely, though not too friendly populated mansion. You will love the cosy kitchen.
But there's more outside...
While creating this game, I put much effort in having all details correctly done.
Read water.txt. Download

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How to install and play the Doom 2 Wads

  1. Download the zip-file and unpack it in an empty directory. If you're not sure how to do this, go to my download instructions page for more information.
  2. Read the textfile for specific information about the Wad.
  3. Copy the Wad file (the file with a .WAD extension) to your Doom 2 directory, or any directory you want it to reside.
  4. Make your Doom directory the current directory.
  5. Enter the following command:
    doom2 -file wadfile
    replacing wadfile by the name of the Wad file, including the directory path if this file doesn't reside in the Doom 2 directory.
Example: Your Doom2 directory is C:\GAMES\DOOM2, and you copied HARBOR2.WAD to C:\GAMES\DOOM2\PWAD.
Now you should use CD (change directory) to go to C:\GAMES\DOOM2 and issue the following command:
doom2 -file pwad\harbor2.wad.

To reduce typing effort, you can create the following one-line batch file: doom2 -file pwad\%1.wad.
Save this file as DOOM2X.BAT in your Doom 2 directory. Now you can start the game with the command doom2x harbor2.

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How to make screenshots in Doom

Some people asked me how to make screenshots in Doom. Here is the answer:

Subject: DOOM: Rec.Games.Computer.Doom FAQ (96/10/08)
From: (Frans P. de Vries)
Date: 16 Oct 1996 05:19:05 +0100
How can I take screenshots in DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, Hexen, Strife?
Start them with 'doom -devparm', 'doom2 -devparm', 'heretic -ravpic', 'hexen -ravpic' or 'strife -devparm'; press F1 to create numbered .PCX files in the games' directory.

Click here to get these instructions in a textfile
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Date last modified: February 7,2000