Download Instructions

For most of the entries on my Freeware and Doom 2 Wads pages you will find two files: a textfile (filetype .txt) and a zipfile (filetype .zip).

The textfile will give you a description of what can be found in the zipfile. You may read this to see if you want to download the zipfile or not.

The zipfile is a compressed file. In order to use it, you will have to save this file on disk and then unpack it. It contains, amongst other files, the contents of the accompanying textfile. If you are not familliar with zipfiles, you should do one of the following things:

Do not confuse a zipfile with a zipdisk. A zipdisk is a high-capacity disk storage medium, for which you need a special hardware device, called a zipdrive. More information about zipdisks and zipdrives can be found at To use zipfiles, however, no special hardware is needed.

Date last modified: September 27, 2003